Secretariat of the Commission

Date Published :2015-04-15 09:04:00

Pursuant to Section 19 and 20 of the Judicial Service Act, 2011 the JSC has established a Secretariat to facilitate the Commission’s work. The secretariat works under the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary/Secretary of the Judicial Service Commission. The day-to-day management of the Secretariat is headed by the Registrar, Judicial Service Commission. Currently, a total of twenty one officers have been deployed to the secretariat.

The JSC Secretariat is located at Mayfair Centre, Ralph Bunche road, Upper Hill, Nairobi. It is headed by Ms. Winfrida B. Mokaya. The deputy registrar is John Tamar.

Structure of the JSC Secretariat;

Hon. Winfrida Mokaya (Registrar, JSC)



The Judicial Service Commission has various units which help in conducting day to day business of the commission. These include;

• Budget and planning,
• Procurement
• Accounts
• Internal Audit
• Administration
• Human Resource Management
• Education and Training
• Legal Affairs
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Inspectorate
• Public Affairs and Communication

The secretariat also provides secretarial services to the National Council on Administration of Justice.


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