Hard Copy Complaint

These are the instructions for lodging a complaint with the Commission using the hard copy downloadable form. Use this form or a copy of the form to lodge your complaint. Download the complaints form below, fill and submit to the Judicial Service Commission 

1. The particulars of a complaint must be verified by statutory declaration.
2. If your complaint falls within the Commission’s powers, you may use this form to lodge a complaint against a judicial officer. Complete the form by typing or printing all of the information requested on both pages. Make sure the information provided is complete and accurate.
3. Please describe the circumstances that led to your complaint in the “Details of Complaint” section. Clearly set out dates and places of hearing if these are relevant to the complaint. List all events in the order in which they happened. Attach additional sheets and other relevant documentation, as needed, to complete your statement.
4. Sign the complaint form in the space provided and have your signature witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths.
5. It is recommended that you make two copies of the complaint where you can take away one of the copies for your records upon receipt by the Commission.
6. If you wish to make complaints about more than one judicial officer please use a separate form for each one.

Download : Form for Complaint Against Judge ]        

 [ Download : Form for Complaint Against Judicial Officer or Staff ]


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