Date Published :2015-06-19 13:46:00

Under the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, the Judicial Service Commission is responsible for preparing and implementing programmes for continuing education and training for judges and other judicial officers.

JTI exercises this delegated mandate, and is therefore responsible for meeting the training, research and capacity development needs of Judiciary staff. JTI performs this mandate in part through various training programs and seminars, public lectures, research, and other forms of discourses targeting all cadres of Judiciary staff, and where, appropriate, members of the academy and the public at large.

As the Judiciary’s Institute of higher learning, the JTI is leading the Judiciary, in line with Judiciary Transformation Framework, in facilitating the growth of jurisprudence and judicial practice as the lifeblood of our institution. 

The JTI is the judicial think tank: an institute of global excellence and the nerve centre of rich intellectual exchange. It interfaces between the Judiciary and contemporary developments in society, on the one hand, and learning interaction between the Judiciary and other agencies, on the other. The JTI provides the intellectual anchor in making our courts the hearth and home of a robust and functional jurisprudence that meets the aspirations of Kenyans.

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