Career as Judiciary Staff

To support the efficient administration of justice the Judiciary has the following directorates;

1.Directorate of Finance
2.Directorate of Information Communication Technology (ICT)
3.Directorate of Public Affairs
4.Directorate of Human Resource & Administration
5.Directorate of Performance Management
6.Directorate of Supply Chain Management

Directorate of Finance

The Finance Management Function entails budgetary supply matters; processing of annual forward and revised estimates; issuance of Authority to Incur Expenditure (AIE); expenditure forecasts and monitoring; prioritization of projects and activities for the purpose of financial allocations in the budget; oversight of commitment of funds and expenditure trends; budget monitoring and reporting; reallocations within budget and the overall financial management and control of voted funds.
Also under this department is the accounting functions. The Accounting Function entails application of sound principles, systems and techniques in accounting for finances of the Judiciary, assets, revenue, expenditure and costs. The Function also involves accounting for special funds set up under various statutes, management of accounting information such as co-ordination and rationalization of estimates, annual appropriation and fund accounts, cash flow control, cost analysis and any other related functions.
Careers under this directorate are in finance and accounting at different levels.

Directorate of Information Communication Technology (ICT)

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) Function entails maintaining ICT standards within Judiciary; spearheading e-Government initiatives; application of Information Communication Technology, systems analysis and design; developing and implementing computerized information systems; carrying out research and development on ICT standards, guidelines and approaches and coordinating their consistent and efficient application in the Judiciary; formulating and developing Judiciary information infrastructure; coordinating and developing Judicial websites; providing advisory services on all matters related to ICT; training on the use of computers, relevant software packages and developing customized applications; providing hardware maintenance support services; and liaising with hardware vendors for administration of guarantees and warranties.

Directorate of Public Communications

The Public Communications Function entails identifying significant events at the Judiciary which require packaging for dissemination to the media and public; advising the Judiciary on the best media practices which promote good Judiciary relations; organizing fora where Judiciary policies, programmes and projects can be propagated and promoted; preparing and organizing media/press briefs on weekly or monthly basis; preparing media supplements, documentaries, press releases and features; advising Judiciary on matters of public communications and dissemination of information; carrying out research on public opinion towards the Judiciary and providing appropriate strategies to address the situation; and formulation of Public Communications Policy and design of a Judiciary communications infrastructure.

Directorate of Human Resource & Administration
The Human Resource Management Function will entail organisation and management of human resource services to ensure that staff are properly facilitated with a view to maintaining high motivation for effective performance and productivity. Specifically, activities will include recruitment and staffing, communication, discipline, remuneration, staff welfare, human resource planning and staff development.

Directorate of Performance Management

Directorate of Supply Chain Management
The Procurement Function entails inventory control; procurement, custody, physical distribution, utilization, verification, write-off and disposal of stores; custody of movable property; prevention and detection of losses; guarding against wastage and misuse of stores; and disposal of boarded stores according to laid down procedures and regulations.



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